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Recent News and Updates

Here is the past news and updates.

December 21: The New Zealand Babarians lost to world champions England yesterday, 42  - 17. Bloody hell. And England was missing a bunch of their world champs -- Jonny Wilkinson was injured recently in a car crash and some others were missing for other reasons. (yes, he can still play rugby. Bugger...) Apparently it was a good game, but I didn't see it because all the sport channels in Canada SUCK when it comes to the rugby. Anyway, we lost.
December 20: Yesterday, it was announced that John Mitchell is no longer the All Blacks coach. The new coach is Graham Henry. Bloody hell. I know I said I didn't really like Mitch, but he was a pretty good coach -- hey, we've got 2 trophies back haven't we? And besides, all the switching around of coaches is not good for the team at all, you know. Bloody hell...let's just hope Graham Henry coaches the boys well.
Fixed all the cleaned up bits, so it is back to the good version! Added "Picture of the Week" and a link to DaBeatDaddy's site. Check it out on the Links page! Let's see...please, please do some posting on the Message Boards or the Guestbook!!! Cheers!
December 18: Did my presentation yesterday and I'm working hard to get all of this back to normal. Tripod has been a bit dodgy lately so I hope I can get this up before X-Mas like I promised.
December 3: Ok everyone, this is just a warning to you all. I'm using this website in a school presentation, making a comparison of websites, and for it to be OK I need to "adjust" it a little bit. So, for the next week or two there may be things that were previosuly on here that have mysteriously disappeared. Don't worry, they will be back as soon as possible. Anything innapropriate, like swearing and those slightly rude pictures of the Welsh prop's bum and that Aussie rugger's bum etc. will all be wiped off the site for a bit. So, I promise the site will be up by X-Mas for sure, sooner depending on when I make my presentation! Thanks for your co-operation.
November 28: Well, as you may or may not know, it has been decided that world-champion England is going to play a test match against the New Zealand Barbarians. Though the squad has not yet been named, it was made official today that loose forward and former All Blacks captain Taine Randell will captain the side.
He recently signed a contract with an English club when John Mitchell failed to select him for the ABs' squad this year. Many suspect this was probably because of the role he played in cpataining the team of All Blacks who tried and failed at the 1999 Rugby World Cup.
Taine also captained the NZ Maori squad, choosing, however, to give up the role as skipper to Paul Tito and leaving the team when they toured Canada in July/August 2003.
Mentions of hooker Anton Oliver, who also missed out on the All Blacks this season, as well as Simon Maling, an Otago lock who was out with injuries, have also been made.
The 22-man squad will be announced sometime in the next week or so.
November 22: The Rugby World Cup 2003 is officially over, ending today with a final featuring previous champions Australia and England. The Ellis Cup has, for the first time ever, been taken out of the Southern Hemisphere, when England's Jonny Wilkinson (IRPA Player of the Year) kicked a right-footed drop goal with 20 seconds left in extra time, putting England in the lead, 20 - 17.
November 20: HA! We beat the French, 40 - 13! YEAH! Well, ok, it ain't the finals but hey, 3rd is better than 4th and we played bloody brilliantly! Yahoo! Also, the site may not be updated very often in coming weeks because I'm planning on buying a domain name or getting a sub-domain off my family website. So I will be tranferring the entire site over, so probably won't have time for many updates.
November 18: Added a Message Board for you guys to post on, as well as a poll that I will try to change every week. Also, you may have noticed the photo of the Wallabies, I am going to have a new picture on here every once in a while celebrating achievements in rugby. Sign the Guestbook and if you've got something rude to say, at least say it in the Message Boards where no one else has to read it, or email it to me.
November 16: England is facing Australia in the finals next week. Wrote another article about the loss and the shocking reactions of people. I also fixed up a few things that have been comented on in the guestbook, i.e. the constantly changing fonts and other odd things etc.
November 15: We're going home Boys. To put it bluntly: Australia is in the finals after a 22 - 10 victory over the All Blacks. Go to the RWC 2003 page for the whole story.
November 12: Tons of new Aussie jokes, check them out! I know most of them aren't rugby but I do love to laugh at them.
November 8: S.A. OUT, NZ IN. Updated the RWC 2003 page after the New Zealand All Blacks made an amazing 29 - 9 defeat of the South Africa Springboks in the first match of the RWC quarter finals.
November 7: Updated the Quotes page, fixed up some more "mistakes" or any odd things you may have noticed all over the site. (i.e. spelling errors, weird gaps between text, pictures, etc.) And again I ask you all to pass this site on to your mates, and to send me anything you think should be here on this site. Thanks!
November 6: World Cup pool matches are over and we're beginning the quarter finals on Saturday! NPC finished as well, and Christian Cullen played his final game with NZ rugby. Check out the pages on Cully, the All Blacks, and the RWC. Fixed up a few mistakes as well with the other pages. Sign the guestbook please, and I love the feedback! Emails or the guestbook, please give me your comments!
October 11: WORLD CUP TIME! YEAH! ALL BLACKS WON AGAINST ITALY, 70 - 7! Check out the All Blacks section for info about the game and the latest on squad injuries and anything else you mgiht need to know about the Boys in Black. By the way, I just got home from a Caribbean cruise! (No rugby for an ENTIRE WEEK though!)
September 13: Actually, I'm in the middle of my "party" but only 2 people showed up. That kinda sucks but ok. Anyway, updated the Rugby Positions page.
September 8: Had my last rugby game on Saturday. NOOO!!! Oh yeah, I suppose you want to know the updates... Err...I put some more pictures on here, check it out!
September 5: Well, guess what everyone? It's almost Rugby World Cup time! Head over to the RWC 2003 page for more info!
August 29: Put a ton of stuff up, pretty much half the site!
August 28: Started this website. Will try and get as much put up on here before I go back to school next week.

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