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I know I already mentioned the All Blacks in detail on the New Zealand Rugby Union page, but this is mainly pictures.

My Dream Team
Here are the players I'd have on my "ultimate" team.
(all injuries and contracts aside)
Starting Lineup
#1 Loosehead Prop: Greg Somerville
#2 Hooker: Keven Mealamu
#3 Tighthead Prop: Kees Meeuws
#4 Lock: Chris Jack
#5 Lock: Ali Williams
#6 Flanker: Daniel Braid
#7 Flanker: Richie McCaw
#8: Jerry Collins (captain)
#9 Halfback: Justin Marshall
#10 First Five-Eighths: Carlos Spencer (vice-captain) (kicker)
#11 Wing: Joe Rokocoko
#12 Second Five-Eighths: Aaron Mauger
#13 Centre: Ma'a Nonu
#14 Wing: Doug Howlett
#15 Fullback: Christian Cullen
#16: Dave Hewett
#17: Tana Umaga
#18: Andrew Merthens
#19: Taine Randell
#20: Dan Carter
#21: Ross Filipo
#22: Malili Muliaina




John Mitchell arrives in the Wellington Airport after the World Cup

All Blacks World Cup games
November 20: Playoff game -- NZ vs. France (NZ 40, France 13)
November 15: Semi finals -- NZ vs. Australia (NZ 10, Aus 22)
November 8: Quarter finals -- NZ vs. South Africa (NZ 29, S.A. 9)
November 2: NZ vs. Wales (NZ 53, Wales 37)
October 24: NZ vs. Tonga (NZ 91, Tonga 7)
October 17: NZ vs. Canada (NZ 68, Canada 6)
October 11: NZ vs. Italy (NZ 70, Italy 7)

Interesting Facts (according to the Boys themselves)
Tana Umaga's real name is Jonathon.
Dave Hewett sleepwalks.
Carlos Spencer picks his nose.
Scrum trainer Richard Loe farts and talks in his sleep as well as sleepwalks.
Carlos wears a nightie to bed.
Doug Howlett and Dan Carter are the momma's boys.
Daniel Carter is the team baby.
Ali Williams takes the longest to get ready to go out. (his hair!)
The forwards gel their hair before a game, but not the backs.
Dan Carter uses the most hair gel.
Ma'a Nonu is a Mormon.
Dan dyed his hair blonde when he was about 16. (says it looked too punk though)
Dan says if he could do anything besides rugby he would own his own business or be an underwear model.
Caleb Ralph is the most social and the biggest party animal.
Dan, Ma'a, and Carlos (seem to) get the most attention from the ladies.
The tight 5 always smell the worst after training or a game.
Ma'a is the team prankster and has prank-called the media numerous times.
Dan Carter has stolen his teammates underwear.
Tana crashed a car when he was 5. (he let the hand brake off)
Byron thinks he is good looking but Greg prides himself on his appearance.
Caleb is the tidiest in the team.
Tana sings in the shower. (if he is by himself)
Rodney and Tana are the best singers.
Carlos, Dan, and Rodney are the most popular in the team.
Keven's worst habit is saying "um".
Richie McCaw has a pilot's licence, but most of the boys don't trust him to go flying with him!
Ma'a and Keven are the team clowns, and Ali is a bit of a joker.
Brad Thorn eats the most. "Like a horse" is how he's described.
Kees Meeuws can bench 200 kilos.
Ma'a "never shuts up".
The field is quiet without Ali.
Ben Blair can get very grumpy at trainings.
The Fijian boys (esp. Joe) take the longest to get up in the mornings.
Carlos is the best golfer in the team.
Joe is the best swimmer in the team.